Top design trends as we head into 2022!

Get a head start on the top design trends for 2022! 

We are sharing a few of our favourites so that you can incorporate them into your home today! 

Add a little artisan touch

The first trend we are noticing are subtle artisan touches. Find a few one of a kind handcrafted statement pieces to incorporate into your every day decor. These pieces will add culture and creativity to your space and also allow you the opportunity to support a local maker. 

Go Retro

Can you beleive that a touch of the past will actually update your home? That's right, gentle suggestions of burnt orange, moss greens, and other warm neutrals brighten up-and-coming interiors. Don't be afraid to invest in retro-inspired pieces to create a timeless look. 

*All pieces available at Sawatzky's.

Multi-functional Spaces

Single-use spaces are turning into a thing of the past! Multi-functional rooms and making the most of every space is a top trend as we head into 2022. Furnish your home with pieces that serve multiple purposes and maximize your square footage!

Less is More

Minimalism done right enhances the livability of a space despite featuring fewer pieces. By highlighting the central purpose of a room it’s easy to focus on basic day-to-day needs. Take time this winter to decluter and invest in key statement pieces so that you're home is easy to enjoy!


If you're interested in updating your home this season, come and visit us in the showroom! Our in-house designers would love to work with you.