The Health Benefits of a Recliner

We all know that reclining pieces are extremely comfortable, but did you know they are actually good for you?

Recliners not only feel good, but they are beneficial to your health! 

1. Reduce Stress 

Relax after a long hard day! A recliner removes stress by offering the utmost comfort and support. When your body reclines, the spine is rested, the back is supported and the legs are elevated. This position puts your body in a state of relaxation, relieving stress and improving overall health and wellness. 

2. Improve Circulation

If you stand or sit for too long it can cause inflammation. Reclining can give your lower body some relief by elevating your feet above your heart level, allowing gravity to improve circulation naturally.

3. Reduces Back Pain

Our backs play a supportive role for our bodies, experiencing a lot of stress and fatigue during the day. A good quality recliner will offer excellent lumbar support, with the ability to reduce back pain when used regularly. 

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