Refresh your home on a budget

With spring in the air and the warmer weather upon us, many of us are inspired to clean, refresh and redecorate! If your space is in need of a spring refresh, but you're looking to do it on a budget, we are here to help! 

Here are our favourite ways to refresh your home this spring for little or no cost! 


We love encouraging our clients to re-arrange their homes and to move around your accents and decor! You'll be amazed at what you'll find if you just shop the rooms in your home. 


As we know, spring is an amazing time to clean, declutter and re-organize. Your home will look refreshed and inviting, just by removing some of the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months. 


Often a few little changes can make a big difference! Depending on your budget, a new coffee table, a few new accent pillows, a new vase or even a new area rug can totally transform your space. Come into the showroom with a picture of your space and our in-house designer will help you find a few key pieces that will make a big impact. 


Painting your space is relatively inexpensive if you do it yourself and it can make your space look new again. If you're up for the job, it will be well worth the work! 

If you'd like to refresh your home this season and just not quite sure where to start, get in touch with us! Our in-house designers would love to work with you.