Make Your Appliances Sparkle

Summer is just around the corner and we are thrilled to share some tips with you when cleaning your appliances. It is essential to ensure that your household appliances get a proper cleaning regularly.  

Routinely cleaning your appliances will make sure that they are the most efficient and increase their longevity. Unkept appliances can directly affect your utility bills, the lifespan of the appliance, keeping pesky germs at bay, as well as lightening your workload. 

 Let's start with your range

Cleaning your oven can be as simple as turning on your self-cleaning tool that is available on most of our top-selling models. Oven cooktops can be wiped down daily with water and a microfiber cloth. For a deeper clean, sprinkle the cooktop cleaner we sell and scrub gently with a wet washcloth. Proceed to wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. This method will prevent any scratching of the glass stovetop. 

Now let's tackle the fridge

Cleaning out your fridge and making it sparkle doesn't have to be a mundane task. Clear out the refrigerator, remove any detachable drawers, and wipe down each shelf and inside the door with warm, soapy water. You can add vinegar to break down grease and grime if anything has leaked or spilled since the last time you have cleaned your refrigerator. Wipe again with a damp, clean cloth and then again with a dry cloth. When placing items back into the fridge, check all items to make sure nothing is past their expiration date. Try introducing a new organization system using clear bins to make it easier to find what you are looking for, making it easier to clean next time. 

Don't forget about your range hood

Cleaning your range hood may be a task you avoid, but the more often you do it, the easier it is. You can wipe down the range hood exterior daily with a damp, soapy washcloth. The filter, however, doesn't need to be cleaning daily. We suggest cleaning it every couple of weeks, leaving little time for the excess build-up to accumulate. When you're ready to clean the filters on your Range Hood, simply pop it out and run it through a big bowl of hot, soapy water. Make sure to use a steady stream of water to rinse the filters and allow them to air-dry before re-installing under the hood. 

Last but not least...

Microwaves tend to be grimy because food often splatters when you are quickly trying to warm something. Heat a small bowl of water in the microwave, allowing the steam to loosen the tough stains. Wipe down interior and exterior with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Rinse with warm, clean water and towel dry. 

Let's make it sparkle!

If you have brushed stainless-steel appliances, the struggle with making them sparkle and shine once you bring them home can be challenging. Stainless steel owners know how quickly fingerprints, spills, splatters and nose prints from your beloved dog can make your appliances appear grimy. Mix water and mild detergent and work in small sections using a soft cloth, always going with the grain. Rinse with hot water and dry quickly with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Repeat this process with any stainless-steel products you have so that they sparkle like when you picked them out from our showroom!

 These methods allow for picture-perfect appliances every time, making your kitchen look like the front page of a magazine!

 Happy cleaning!