How to Choose an Area Rug

Are you inspired to refresh your home this spring? Are you interested in a small refresh that will make a big impact?

When it comes to making a big impact for little investment, we absolutely love area rugs. They will totally transform a room in your home quickly and efficiently!

When choosing the right area rug for your space, it's so important to consider the following:

The Size: The general rule of thumb when determining the size of the area rug that you need is that all of the front legs of the furniture pieces should be sitting on the rug. For example, if the area rug is in your living room, all sofa/sectional legs and accent chair legs should be resting on the rug. If an area rug is too small, you'll want to consider layering it over a larger one. 

The Durability: If the area rug will be in a high traffic area, it's really important to choose one that is good quality, that won't pill and that will clean well. A beautiful low pile rug is a great choice for a high-traffic area.

The Design: Last but not least, you'll want to choose a rug that compliments your overall home design. We always ask our clients, what are you looking to achieve with the rug? For some it's to add texture to their space, for others it's to add a pop of colour! Our in-house designers can help you determine what to look for in an area rug, specific to your space.  

When done right, an area rug can be very transformational to a room! It can warm it up and add a design element that is like no other. 

Here at Sawatzky's we carry a huge selection of top-selling area rugs and can custom order any rug of your choice. Visit us in Morden and Winkler to find an area rug today!