Do I need Air Fry technology?

This new technology is sweeping the range market and we thought we'd break it down for you, so here's the 411: ⁠

✔️What is it exactly?⁠
Air frying is a method of cooking that circulates hot air inside your oven at a high speed through the use of convection fans. This cooks food faster and creates a crispy, fried layer and even-browning on all sides using little to no oil compared to traditional deep frying.⁠

✔️Why we love this technology? ⁠
You can get crispy, fried tasting food, without the additional oil and fat of frying! Make healthy, crispy and delicious meals with ease. ⁠

✔️Our favourite things to make:⁠
Chicken Wings⁠
French Fries⁠
Onion Rings⁠
Sweet Potato Fries⁠
Tater Tots⁠
Veggies and more!⁠


  • 1 lb chicken wings split into flats and drummettes
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 tsp Garlic Salt
  • 1 tsp lemon pepper


  • Thoroughly pat dry chicken wings with paper towels and toss in the oil and seasoning. 
  • Place on air frying basket, spacing evenly and air fry at 400 ˚F for 8 minutes per side, or a total of 16 minutes, until wings are golden and crispy!