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Produce Preserver Kit Produce Preserver

Produce Preserver Kit Produce Preserver

  • $13.99

As fruits and vegetables ripen, they naturally emit ethylene gas, causing produce to ripen faster inside your refrigerator. The Produce Preserver can attach to any refrigerator crisper to absorb the ethylene. Produce stays fresher, longer. Replace Keep Fresh Packets (SKU: P1KG6R1B) every 6 months.

Product Specifics
  • Vendor Model Number: P1KG6S1B
  • Brand: WHL
  • W: 5.00"
  • D: 3.00"
  • H: 7.00"
Product Features
  • Produce Preserver Starter Kit
  • Attaches To Any Refrigerators
  • Replace Every 6 Months